Winter Wedding Planning Checklist

winter-wedding-planning-checklistYou can probably count on one hand the number of Winter weddings you’ve been invited to. The cooler weather deters brides and grooms from deciding on a June, July or August date, but planning your wedding for Winter can actually be a stroke of genius.

During the cooler months wedding venues are more available and you might even be able to get a discount from wedding suppliers. This time of year also calls for rich colour schemes, warm food and with different blooms of wedding flowers in season, your wedding during Winter can be unique, mysterious and beautiful. Most importantly, Winter weddings are more budget friendly.

If you’re planning a Winter wedding we have put together a checklist of things to keep in mind to ensure you make the most of the season.



June, July and August have shorter daylight hours and it starts to get dark earlier. This won’t be a problem if you want to get cooler, shadowed wedding photos but if you want bright photos, take advantage of the beautiful, soft light before 2pm. Holding your ceremony earlier in the day during Winter means you can snap some beautiful shots minus the Summer sunburn or squinting. Talk to your photographer ahead of time to make sure your venue will allow for the kinds of images you want to capture.


Warmth and Weather

An outdoor wedding during Winter isn’t necessarily out of the question. You could have a garden venue with outdoor heaters or even beneath a marquee at your outdoor venue to protect your guests from the conditions. July and August are among the driest months of the year in Sydney, so as long as you have sufficient heating, an outdoor Winter wedding can be a beautiful option. If you want to play it safe though and ensure everybody is warm, planning your wedding ceremony indoors is a good idea.

When choosing your venue you will want to consider photo locations. Finding a venue with indoor and outdoor options will allow for your ceremony to be held inside out of the cold, while your photos can benefit from the soft, wintery light outdoors.


Embrace the season

Winter in Sydney doesn’t bring blizzards but it’s important to work with the colder weather in mind. Take advantage of the Winter weather, consider using rich colour schemes, if you’re catering your reception then you have the opportunity to include warm, hearty food, perhaps a log fire, spiked hot chocolate or wintry cocktail menu.  

Make your wedding truly Winter-friendly by placing some warm blankets on seats for your guests to cosy up in or perhaps offer a basket of hand warmers and gloves at the entrance for a nice, seasonal touch.



Daisies, daffodils, forget-me-nots, freesias, gerberas and many more bloom during the Winter months. A Winter wedding means you’re spoilt for choice with in-season Sydney wedding flowers. Choosing flowers that are only available in Winter will give your wedding ceremony that special, unique touch that Summer weddings just don’t have. Even better, flowers really enjoy the cooler weather so they will keep their form all day during Winter. Talk to your wedding florist at Sydney Flowers to get a comprehensive idea about what is in season and what will work for your colour scheme.

A Winter wedding may not be the most traditional but it has a number of benefits: no sweaty suits, no melting, runny makeup, lower prices at wedding venues and suppliers, a plethora of beautiful, wedding flower, less competition for dates and less chance of a Summer storm. If you’re considering a Winter wedding get in touch with us for your wedding flowers. We would be delighted to work with you to decide on the perfect wintry blooms to compliment your wedding day and reception.

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