Tips For Creating Your Wedding Flower Budget

Wedding budgeting is HARD. Whether you have a budget to stick to, or have to allocate funds from a healthy savings account, keeping costs in check is on the mind of most brides. How can it be possible that ‘compromise’ is the biggest word when it comes to sticking to your budget and how can you afford to pay for your wedding flowers?

Did you know that 25% of australians who were married in 2012 delayed other life plans to accommodate the cost of their wedding? It shouldn’t feel like you are haemorrhaging money to have a nice wedding. When it comes to decorating your space, it can be tricky to know where to spend and where to save. It’s important to look at your priorities for the design you are going for and if it involves plenty of luscious blooms, set a wedding flower budget upfront BEFORE gathering quotes to avoid a broken heart.

While your girlfriends and family are helping you with your outfit, we are all over your floral arrangements. When it comes to decorations, we’ll help you get it right while sticking to your budget.

So, where will you use flowers?


When considering your bouquet consider your outfit and what might compliment your look best in regards to flowers. If your heart is set on more expensive blooms for your bouquet, consider saving money by including that flower as a feature, surrounded with other more cost effective wedding flowers. That way you can still have the flowers you like without breaking the bank.

Maybe you like the idea of flowers but don’t want to carry them – consider a flower crown for impact instead of a bouquet or veil.


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Not sure about a veil, headpiece, brooch or comb? Have you seen one you liked, but thought the cost was a little high? You might consider wearing something alive in your hair, to complement your natural beauty. Cost effective, elegant, timeless and fragrant all in one big impact item. Your local florist will be able to help you choose a complimentary flower that is in season to suit your hair style and source the perfect bloom, just for you, or build a flower crown.


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With modern weddings moving more towards casual dining and cocktail and canapes over sit down meals, table decorations are changing too! Catering your wedding flower decorations to the setting rather than the space can save your precious pennies. Consider other elements of the space; will there be lighting hung, open air, high ceilings, high cocktail tables, lower dining tables, lots of chairs or fewer chairs? Like your bouquet, you can have a few feature blooms with less expensive fillers to brings costs down. If you are having a cocktail style function, don’t crowd the space with excess, and take a less is more approach. Try using larger feature blooms, or softer, textural fillers like baby’s breath to enhance the mood and texture of the space, without emptying your wallet.


Those gents need something floral to soften those stiff looking suits, but does it need to have a large price tag? Corsages are making a big comeback with the rising interest in vintage inspired weddings. It’s worth considering what you would like to include in the corsage up front to tie in with other decorations. Often you can use any of the excess flowers from your wedding flower arrangements to create lapels.


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The altar can add some personality to the day with texture, timber, flowers – you name it! Each and every altar is special and different and should be thought of in the budgeting of your big day!  


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Why not consider extending your wedding cake to have a floral arrangement on top that mimics the style of the rest of your day? Including the cake decorations in the theme of the day can be inexpensive, as a roughly iced or plainly iced cake with a simple but considered placement of flowers on the top is far cheaper than going through a special wedding cake bakery. It’s becoming more and more on trend to have a “nude cake” with simple decoration on top. Speak to your local florist Sydney Flowers about floral cake toppers for your big day!

When organising the floral arrangements for your wedding, budget is an important factor. Don’t feel like you have to sacrifice your options, when you have an award winning florist like Sydney Flowers in Sydney’s metro area. No need to feel like you have to be cutting wire and DIY assembling bouquets when you can have experience and quality for an affordable price. Organise a free bridal consult to discuss your floral wedding arrangements with our principal florist, Jo Csabanko.

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